Can any LED light be used as a plant growth light?

Published by Cretivity 2021-06-18

Can any LED light be used as a plant growth light?

Any LED light can definitely be used as a plant growth light, but there are different types, and some are better than others. It is important to use the correct LED lights to make the most of the plants. Therefore, we recommend LED lights that are specifically used as plant growth lights because they provide all the light colors that plants need. If they emit enough light, you can use any LED bulb to grow plants. Plants usually also look for heat from the light source, and we know that LED bulbs cannot provide much heat.


Hydroponic LED planting


What is the best LED plant growth light?

Use high-quality LED grow lights to help your indoor plants and vegetables thrive.

When trying to grow vegetables indoors or start planting from seeds, natural light is not always sufficient, especially in colder climates or winter. Although some indoor plants can survive in low-light conditions, other indoor plants need more than just light from windows. Grow lights are very effective in replicating sunlight and can provide your plants with the substances they need to grow.
Light-emitting diode (LED) plant growth lights are the first choice for many home gardeners because they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and can produce full-spectrum light. LED grow lights are different from standard LED bulbs used in household lamps. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best LED grow light for your home.

. Value for money: QII 480W Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
. Best tradition: QII 120W Quantum Board LED Grow Light
. Best style: CT2 720W UV IR White Light Foldable Led Grow Lights


How many plants can be planted with 1000w LED lights?

The following table shows how the wattage you need increases with the size of your growth space. I also included how many plants are suitable for each size of grow light.

Note: 1 square foot of planting space = 50 watts of LED plant growth lights


Growth space size

Minimum wattage required

You can plant the number of plants

2 ft (2×1)


1-2 strains

4 ft (2×2)



6 ft (2×3)



9 ft (3×3)


1-9 strains

12 ft (3×4)


1-12 strains

16 ft (4×4)


1-16 strains

20 ft (4×5)


1-20 strains



Vertical planting LED


* In these cases, the size of the planting space will require you to purchase multiple lights hanging side by side to ensure that the entire canopy can receive light.

Note: The above values are flowering values. In the vegetation stage, you will need about half the power (25w). The best quality LED grow light with a "vegetable and flowering switch" can optimize the light intensity during the vegetation and flowering stage.

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