CTⅠ/ CTⅡ Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Published by Cretivity 2021-07-17

Cretivity CTⅠ/CTⅡ LED grow light can be used in commercial grows ( horizontal and vertical), greenhouses, home grows( rooms and tents) or in climate rooms. 

Boasting an incredible industry top efficiency 2.9umol/j provides high-intensity full spectrum light over its entire 4x4ft to 5x5ft flowering foot print. The wide 8bar configuration helps to provide even coverage accross your canopy.

What is new 2021?
●5% more brightness with extra bar reflector
●20% less weight, big save on shipping cost
●60% less installation time with exclusive design, Lock a bar in 2 seconds, set up a light within 2 minutes
●100% new structure, Stylish Elegant Design.

Top Feature and Benifit

●Full-spectrum with enhanced red for full-cycle grows
●Energy-efficient LED Grow Light system, 50% higher PPFD compared to HID lamps
●Long-life, low maintenance system 50,000 hours based on LM70
●Full spectrum white light output with high-efficiency output up to 2.9 umol/J
●ETL certified for commercial production
●Easy Installation and eco-friendly
●Aircraft grade aluminum housing to maintain the lower overall ambient temperature

Wattage Draw: 640watts
HPS equivalent: 1000 watts 
Diodes: 3,336; Samsung and Osram
Spectrum: Full-spectrum white with enhanced red for seed to flower growth
PPF (light output): 1856 umol/s
PAR Efficacy: 2.9 umol/J
Coverage area:
Flowering footprint: 4'x4' to 5'x5' (16 to 25 sq ft)
Vegetative footprint: 5'x5' to 6'x6' (25 to 36 sq ft)
Maximum ambient operating temperature: Up to 45° C 
Additional details: ETL listed, DLC listed, and IP54 rated
Recommended for: 
●Commercial grows
●Home grows (rooms and tents)
●Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
●Indoor farming or gardening
●Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years 
Quantumn Board:

The key benefit of CRETIVITY Quantumn Board LED grow light is its remarkable ability to mimic natural sunlight by emitting a full spectrum of white light. 

By using LED Light with full spectrum, which appears as white light, it induces your plants to undergo natural photorespiration. While that will force them to work harder, it also leads to more efficient nutrient intake. You end up with sturdier plants, healthier growth, and increased yields.

Top Feature and Benifit
●Attractive Factory Price: We aim at small profit but quick turnover.
●OEM&ODM: Amazon’s seller’s favorite choice, Reseller’s trustful manufacturer.
●Flexible Service: Customized LOGO, product color, packaging, spectrum etc. as customers’ requirements.
●Easy Installation: Free assembly, ready to use.
●Small and safety Package: less shipping cost.
●Full Spectrum:Ideal for Veg and Bloom.
●Special Surface Technology Treatment: waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, anti-vulcanization, anti-salt spray.
●Growing Period: Our light Efficiency would help to shorten at least 50% Growing Time from seed to fruit. 

Wattage draw: 30-250 watts (dimmable via dimmer knob)
HID equivalent: 600-watt HID fixture
PPF: 679 umol/s
PAR efficacy: 2.6 umol/j
Coverage area:
●Veg: 4' x 4'
●Flower: 2.5' x 2.5' or 3' x 3'
Mounting height: 
●Flower: 18"
●Veg: 24"
Thermal management: Passive cooling
Weight: 9 lbs (~8 kg)
Dimensions: 26” x 10” x 3”
Operating/input voltage: 100-277VAC; 
Amperage: 2.25A @ 120V; 1.125A @ 240V
Finish: Anodized aluminum
Recommended for:
●Grow tents
●Grow rooms
●Large indoor grows
●Vegetative growth and/or flowering
●Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
●Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
Manufacturer's warranty: 3-years

What included in full set : 
1. 1pcs light board; 
2. 1set driver;
3. 1pc dimmer switch; 
4. 1set hang wires.

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